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IPG734 - Sego Ipele & Gele

  • $13.00
2 Pieces of 2.5 Yards x 1 Yard
(Total = 5 Yards x 1 Yards)
IPG734 - Sego Ipele & Gele


  • Sego Ipele & Gele Head Wear

  • Huge range of designs and colours

  • Varying Styles: perforation, patterns & gold embossing

  • 2 x 2.5 yards by 1 yard (2.28M x 1.14M) lengths

  • Rich, soft textures.

  • Complete your outfit with this headwear

  • Suitable for all occasions

  • Incredible online price

  • Exclusively designed for Empire Textiles

  • Shipped Worldwide

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Sego Ipele & Gele - A full set Head-Tie & Wrapper. Lurex Edition.

When you want to truly give off the aura of classic traditional African style, then your first choice should be quality Sego Ipele & Gele from Empire Textiles. Our Sego Ipele & Gele are made from only high quality materials and sourced directly from Switzerland for our esteemed customers. Our luxurious Sego Ipele & Gele in geometric patterns is a full head set comprising of a head tie and wrapper, magnificently decorated with the coveted Lurex embossing for just that extra bit of shine you need to bring your outfit together. Our premium Sego Ipele & Gele in geometric patterns comes in an array of four subdued, yet eye catching colors, and is delivered with two pieces of fine quality African inspired fabric.  The dazzling geometric design of our Sego Ipele & Gele will draw everyone’s eyes the moment you step in the room. Use it to dress up a monotone outfit, or to add the perfect finishing touch to your special occasion wardrobe, regardless of your style choice, our Sego Ipele & Gele in geometric pattern, and Lurex finish is sure to set you apart from the crowd, so get yours today. 

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Rest of Europe $26.00 $520.00 1-2 Days
U.S.A. & Canada $26.00 $390.00 1-2 Days
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IPG734 - Sego Ipele & Gele

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