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GRG181 - Hand Made Two Piece George

5 Yards plus 2 Yard Lengths by 45 Inch Widths
(4.57m plus 1.82m Lengths by 1.14m Widths)

GRG181 - Hand Made Two Piece George

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  • George Fabric

  • Silk fabric with detailed finishes

  • Varying perforations, patterns & gold embossing

  • 5 yards lengths (4.57M)

  • Rich, soft textures.

  • Compliment any outfit

  • Suitable for any occasion / every-day wear

  • Low online price

  • Exclusive designs for Empire Textiles

  • Worldwide Shipping

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Highest Class Hand made and Hand Cut two piece George Set with an abudance of Crystal stones. Each piece made to perfection with a gorgeous and extravagant matching blouse. Perfect for that special occasion

GRG181 - Hand Made Two Piece George

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