VES196 - Vlisco Wax Wax

Length: 6 yards (5.4M)
Width: 50 inches (127cm)
VES196 - Vlisco Wax Wax

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  • Vlisco WaxWax Fabric

  • Uses halftone print effects

  • Both sides of the fabric have differing patterns

  • 6 yard (5.4M) lengths by 50 inch (127 cm) widths

  • Crafted from superfine cotton

  • Vlisco: Produced in Holland since 1846

  • Embellished with Gold, Silver or Copper

  • Shimmering metallic finish on one side

  • Luxurious Feel

  • Exclusive designs for Empire Textiles

  • Shipped worldwide

  • Wholesale discount available

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This pattern is created from ancient symbols representing life. What do you see? Is it a balloon floating into new adventures? A precious shell revealing a treasure?  A fan carrying the wind of hope? You decide. It’s your story!



Vlisco Limited Editions are exclusive fabrics created for dedicated fashion design.
Now available in limited quantities.

VES196 - Vlisco Wax Wax

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