West African clothing is known for being vibrant, colourful and unique, and each garment gives your outfit the wow factor you’ve been seeking. With so many gorgeous, sumptuous colours on offer, you can really play around with what tones complement you best. However, colours don’t just have to suit your skin tone and your shoes, they can also be perfectly paired with your personality! Here is our comprehensive guide to what colours mean, and how you can dress to suit the inner you. They don’t have to cost a fortune either: Check out the Empire Textiles Special Offers to grab an amazing deal!




Purple symbolises wealth, prosperity, luxury and a regal attitude – perfect if you’re something of a diva! Bursting with a sense of mystery and magic, purple suits a person with a little air of mystique.




A favourite of extroverts, big bold personalities, outspoken ladies and daring men, red is the colour of passion and joy. Full of warmth and energy, red brings soul and fire to any outfit, and is perfect for people looking to make their mark.




The colour of choice for creative types, orange symbolises sincerity and is a fabulous choice for anyone thoughtful and intelligent. Orange is also the colour of luck, so is a top pick for anyone looking to turn their tables.




Energetic, full, passionate and memorable – pink should be worn by those looking to turn heads! A symbol of love and romance, pink warms the hearts of those wearing it, and everybody around them too.




If you’re a joyful, happy, positive person, you’ll glow just as brightly as the yellow you’re wearing! The ideal shade for those of wisdom and cheerfulness, yellow brightens any room and revitalises an outfit instantly.


thumb_3990_254 MGreen


Cooling, natural, delicate and neutral – green works wonders for anybody. Wearing green can increase your positivity, make you feel more tranquil, and convey to others around you a sense of self-worth and safety.




Blue is the colour of truthfulness and calm, and it adds coolness to an outfit. If you’re fiery tempered then blue will relax your temperament, and give the impression of serenity. Blue also works well for shy people, as it reminds others that quietness can often mean friendliness.



Have you ever considered your personality an accessory? How about adding some vibrancy to your wardrobe with the bold and beautiful colours of West African clothing, and see what your clothing choices say about you?


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