Outfits made from beautifully patterned West African textiles don’t need accessories to look stunning. However, here at Empire Textiles, we think that a traditional head tie can add an extra touch of panache to any West African garment. That’s why we stock such a large quantity of stylish headgear, including Sego Ipeles, Gele and other types of head ties. But how can you choose the perfect head tie to complete your outfit? There are two factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a head tie, and we intend to reveal them in today’s blog entry.

Choosing The Right Colour

West African textiles are known for their inimitable, colourful designs. As a result, your outfit is likely to be defined by a particular bright colour or a rich colour scheme. You should choose a head tie that works well with your ensemble’s dominant hue. You may wish to choose one in a colour that contrasts nicely against the rest of your outfit. This can provide an aesthetic counterpoint that brings out the best aspects of your outfit and makes it seem more visually piquant. Alternatively, you can simply choose a head tie that closely matches the dominant colour of your main garments. This will ensure that the head tie looks like a natural extension of your outfit, therefore creating a harmonious and well-balanced appearance.

The power of patterns

Many West African garments feature gorgeously elaborate patterns. It’s therefore important to select a head tie that doesn’t clash with your outfit’s pattern. The pattern on your head tie doesn’t have to precisely match the pattern on your main garments. However, it should be stylistically similar. Patterns with major stylistic similarities can work very well together because they look like different interpretations of the same theme or idea. However, if you can’t find a head tie with a pattern that gels with your outfit, you can also opt for a head tie without a pattern in a suitable colour.

Choosing the perfect head tie can be very rewarding. The right one can accentuate your garment’s stylishness and add a final flourish to your overall ensemble. Take a look through our range of head ties today to find the right one for you.