West African fabrics possess a very recognisable and singular style, which means they can be used to create stunningly distinctive and arresting outfits. However, you may think that these gorgeous fabrics are too distinctive to be paired with other types of clothing. Nothing could be further from the truth! West African textiles can easily be combined with western fashions and clothing to create stylish, modern, cosmopolitan ensembles. In fact, we’ve come up with some suggestions on how you can fuse western fashion with West African textiles.

1. Couple a Vlisco outfit with Italian shoes and handbags

The Vlisco brand is known for offering some of the most colourful and creative patterns in the world of African textiles. Meanwhile, Italian designer shoes and bags are often bold and vibrant. As a result, they can be combined seamlessly with a Vlisco outfit. An Italian shoe-and-handbag set will add a pinch of European panache to the outfit while allowing it to retain its distinctive West African ebullience.

2. Augment your clothes with a head tie or Gele

Do you want to experiment with West African fashions without completely altering your current aesthetic? Why not try offsetting your western clothes with a head tie or Gele? These beautiful pieces of headwear can be worn with almost any type of clothing, which means they can be used to give an existing outfit a stylish West African twist.

3. Use West African patterns and fabrics to create distinctive outerwear

West African fabrics don’t have to be used to construct the main layer of your outfit: you can use them to create jackets, shawls and other examples of outerwear to wear over your existing clothes. Why not try creating a jacket from Mitex Holland fabric? Mitex Holland fabrics offer elaborate West African patterns in deep earthy colours that go well with most western outfits. Alternatively, brighten up an outfit with a scarf or shawl made from Vlisco or Getzner Brocade fabric. Use your imagination and see what combinations you can come up with.

There’s no reason to separate African and western fashions: by combining the two, you can create truly original and arresting outfits. Why not look for inspiration in our range of fabrics today?