Our gorgeous West African fabrics can most certainly be worn all year round but it can be tricky to know how to style them when the temperatures start to drop. Suddenly bare arms and sandals aren’t quite so appealing! We have put together a few of our top tips on styling these textiles for winter to help you out.

Wear warm under-layers

Don’t let the plummeting temperatures stop you from wearing your best dresses. Invest in some slim fitting base layers to wear underneath your summer favourites and you’ll keep nice and warm even on the frostiest days. You will be surprised by how much warmer you are just by putting a plain vest underneath a short-sleeved top. Longer sleeved items are even easier as you can put a full sleeved base layer underneath. You can also find some fantastic thermal lined tights on the high street.

Invest in a versatile coat

Investing in a classic, versatile coat that can be worn over a whole host of different styles of clothing is one of the best things you can do. A smart, black wool coat will look great over any patterned fabric and will also last you for years without going out of fashion or looking dated. We love a coat that is cut just above the knee. It’s a flattering style and also looks great when worn open over longer skirts.

Choose warm accessories

Accessories aren’t just for looking great. They can be a really affordable way to help to keep you warm without investing in a whole new winter wardrobe. You can let your imagination go wild here and pick from a whole array of cosy hats, beautiful scarves and elegant gloves. Just like with coats, we recommend choosing classic colours that you can pair with lots of different fabrics and patterns.

Cover an umbrella

You might have seen some of the models on our website sporting matching umbrellas to their outfits. Our range of West African fabrics has so many uses so you could even take a leaf out of their book and cover an umbrella, ensuring you’re coordinated and dry when the heavens open.