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Vlisco Limited Edition

The Vlisco Limited Edition Print Range: stunning beauty and unquestionable workmanship from a well known brand Vlisco.

The Vlisco Limited Edition range of Dutch Wax Print contains the amazing colours and patterns you would expect to see from Vlisco Super Wax Print but with the additon of gold thread to really make the designs stand out and capture the attention. Absolutely stunning!

Available in 6 yard lengths (5.4m) by 50 inch (127cm) widths and shipped worldwide.

The stunning patterns & fine cotton are pure luxury: At a great price.





VEJ319 - Vlisco Embellished Java

PRICE - $87.75
VES119 - Vlisco Embellished Super

PRICE - $128.25
VEJ314 - Vlisco Embellished Java

PRICE - $87.75
VEH217 - Vlisco Embellished Hollandais

PRICE - $114.75

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